Dany Wilkins was a main character in The Belko Experiment. She was portrayed by Melonie Diaz.

The Belko Experiment Edit

Dany is first seen signing up for her new job, as well as being asked many questions before given her things. Dany is later seen given a pile of papers to work on, and she is introduced to Roberto and Leota. Later, Dany is seen downstairs after the voice told them they needed to kill 2 employees. She, along with Leota and Keith, head upstairs to find Marty and two of his friends smoking pot. Dany tries to get the attention of a security guard along with Leota and Keith, but the guard ignores them. However, when Marty and Keith get into a fight, one of Marty's friend's head gets blown out from the inside. The group is terrified and run downstairs. Later, we see that Dany hid downstairs in the basement, avoiding being caught and round up for the executing. She witnesses Lonny accidentally kill his best friend Bud. Lonny sees Dany, and tries to attack her, but Dany kicks him back, pushing him into a sharp pole that kills him. Dany later goes to see why everyone is screaming upstairs, but when she sees the alpha employees resorted to executing people, she runs back down into the basement. Dany sees a light control panel and successfully turns out the light. Dany hides again as everyone runs away, but the elevator doors open, revealing Roberto trying to get to the top of the elevator. Roberto, relieved to see Dany, tells her to get inside and they both climb up to the top of the elevator shaft. It is later shown both Roberto and Dany survived the 31 exploding head session. When COO Barry Norris enters the elevator and heads up to the top floor. Seeing that they could get crushed by the roof, Dany and Roberto start panicking. Barry hears them and tries shooting them, knocking Dany out of the elevator roof on to the edge, watching Roberto getting crushed by the elevator shaft. Later, Dany miraculously gets back into the elevator and heads to the first floor. However, when the elevator doors open, Barry shoots Dany in the head, killing her.

Trivia Edit

  • Dany was the 77th employee to be killed.
  • According to Dany's staff ID card, her full first name was Danielle, and she was born on 25 April 1984.
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