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Leota's death.

Leota Hynek was a supporting character in The Belko Experiment. She was portrayed by Gail Bean.

History Edit

Prior to the events of film, Leota was hired as an employee for Belko Industries. Like the other employees, she had a “tracker“ implanted into her head which was supposed to reveal her location if she gets kidnapped, however the “trackers“ were actually bombs that was intended to be used to kill her if she does comply.

Phase 1 Edit

On the day of the experiment, Leota like most other foreign employees was checked offscreen by unknown guards who were searching for anything that could interfere with the experiment. Later, Leota is first seen befriending Dany Wilkins who had just gotten hired and was working on her first day. Later on, a unknown Voice came over the intercom and told the employees to kill two people in an hour or else 4 others would be killed. Leota like all the other employees Leota chose to ignore the instructions and continue on as it was a regular work day. However as an hour passed, 4 employees were killed just like he had said.

Phase 2 Edit

Minutes later, the Voice returned and said the instructions for the next phase: kill 30 employees in 2 hours or 60 will die. Leota like most other employees (except for Barry, Wendell, Terry, Antonio and Bradley) to try to signal for help by waving a banner on the building’s roof. Unforturnately for the employees, the guards outside of the building opened fire on them, which caused them to give up the attempt. Soon afterwards, Leota and most other employees are gathered up in the lobby by Barry’s group who had acquired the weapon from the building’s armory. Soon afterwards, several employees are executed while lined-up in a attempt to get to 30 employees ultimatum. Before the entire line could be execute, Dany (the only employee to not be gathered up) turned off the building’s power allowing most of the employees to escape from Barry‘s group with Leota among them. After escaping Leota, Peggy, Mike and several other employees hid together in a attempt to survive. This turns out to be futile as the 2 hour deadline passed and 31 additional employees including Leota and everyone else except for Mike, are killed by the bombs.

Trivia Edit

  • Leota was the 58th employee to be killed.
  • According to Leota's staff ID card, she was born on 6 June 1985.
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