Peggy Displasia was a supporting character in The Belko Experiment. She was portrayed by Rusty Schwimmer.

The Belko Experiment Edit

Peggy is first seen working when she sees one of Keith's escaping. She hands it back to Keith as he jokes around and compliments Peggy, making her laugh. She is later seen with Mike when the voice comes on, making a guess it could be an intercom. She, along with the entire floor, is evacuated to the first floor, where she hears the speech given by COO Barry Norris. Peggy decides to stay downstairs, and is present when a few fellow employee's heads are blown out, causing her to run into an office and hide under a table as she witnesses someone die right in front of her. She is later seen when the alpha males round everyone up in the first floor, and is chosen to be executing. However, right before she and Mike are to be executed, Dany turns off the power, causing everyone including her to run for their lives. She is later seen stuck downstairs, but is helped by Mike as they both run for their lives. As she is running, she encounters an alpha male and is about to be killed when Mike jumps on him. Peggy grabs his knife and stabs him in the heart. As the lights come back on, she is seen with Mike and a group of more people when the voice says 31 additional heads will be blown out. She watches in horror as some people get their heads blown out. However to Mike's disappointment, right after Leota dies, Peggy too gets her head blown out. Mike is seen saddened and stares at her corpse, almost crying.

Trivia Edit

  • Peggy was the 59th employee to be killed.
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