"The Voice" is the main antagonist of The Belko Experiment. He is a scientist for Belko, however unlike most other employees, he is aware of the hidden experiment and is a part of it.

History Edit

The Voice was responsible for trapping 80 employees inside a Belko building for an experiment of behavioral observation. After trapping the employees, he then gives instructions for phase 1,2 and 3 of the experiment in the span of a few hours. During the experiment, the Voice is responsible for the death of 35 employees by activating their bombs. In the end of the experiment, Mike Milch was the last employee left. The Voice then orders his guards to bring Mike to study the effects the experiment had on him, Mike reveals that he had put several bombs on the Voice and the guards which then he runs to the switchboard to activate the bombs, killing the guards with explosives and uses a rifle to kill the other two scientists in the room. Mike then walks over to the Voice, heavily injured from the explosives. The Voice attempts to plead for his life, but Mike uses the rifle to shoot him multiple times in the head, killing him once and for all and ending stage 1 of the experiment.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being one of the main antagonists, the Voice has only a few minutes in screen-time.
  • The Voice’s name is never revealed in the film.
  • The Voice has the highest amount of kills in the film at 35.