Vincent Agostino was a supporting character in The Belko Experiment. He was portrayed by Brent Sexton.

History Edit

Vincent Agostino is the Head of Human Resources at Belko. He is seen at the beginning of the movie speaking to Dany Wilkens and giving her all the information she needs on her first day and to tell her not to worry about working there.

Phase 1 Edit

Vince is one of the people who were trying to figure out what exactly was happening and checked the intercom to see if what was happening was just a prank.(It wasn't).

Phase 2 Edit

During phase 2 he and a few others including Mike, Leandra, Keith, Peggy, and Roberto try to hang a poster to show everyone that they were being held hostage, but the guards below started to shoot at them.

Phase 3 Edit

During phase 3, the voice told everyone, who ever had the most kills in the end would leave alive with the orders as is. Barry Norris: 11 kill, Wendell Dukes: 7 kills, Danyelle Wilkens: 1 kill, and Vincent Agostino: 1 kill. At this moment, Vince realizes that he has to kill now and shoots Raziyah, his assistant, and another employee. Later on, he makes some Molotov's and throws them around killing a cafeteria lady, but is soon shot by Barry.. falling to the ground, defeated.

Trivia Edit

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